How it works


The call is designed for motivated, results driven entrepreneurs, who want to take immediate action and get some momentum going.

Prior to our 60 minute session, you’ll receive a complimentary call from me to help us clarify what area you need help with, and to ensure we really focus in on your chosen topic during our Goal Getter session. Using this information, I will prep for our one hour call, at a date and time that works for you and your business.


Our 60 minute session will be structured to get the most out of your time.

1. Firstly, I’ll share my knowledge and experience on your chosen area.

2. Then we’ll look at putting some practical plans in place to turn your aims into achievements, with goal setting and timelines.

3. Finally, we’ll do a 10 minute pow wow for any further questions you may have.

Are you short on time, occupied by the day to day tasks of running your business; but conscious that you really need to find some time look at the bigger picture? Do you want get moving with strategy, expansion, diversification, sales – or whatever other areas might be pressing for you? 


I can help you take practical action in just one hour - my Goal Getter call is exactly what you need. Set aside just 60 minutes of your day, and fast track your way to the results you’ve been looking for.



Invest in your business


A Goal Getter Call costs £275. To book in your call, complete the form below and let’s start getting those goals!

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