Is mentoring for you

Make Me Your Mentor, and I can offer you the benefit of my experience, listen to queries and worries, point you in the right direction and provide encouragement and reassurance. 

Make Me Your Mentor is that friendly ear and voice of experience. No work books or in between coaching is provided. If you want a more results driven and focused experience with more support then coaching is for you. You can learn more about that here


Whether you're a one man band, or leading a large team; you and your business will benefit from a mentor or a coach dependent on what level of support and results you are looking for. A mentor is a confidant and cheerleader – especially one like me, with two decades experience in business.


Starting, keeping, and growing a business can be a lonely experience and sometimes you need that person on the end of the phone to talk things through with. 

Did you know, that some of the most famous and influential business power houses and brands have had some pretty awe inspiring mentors themselves?

Christian Dior for example, formed something of a stylish dynamic duo when he was mentored by Yves Saint Laurent; and Apple founder Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame.


It seems even those at the top of their game need someone support and motivate them!

Did you know


If you want to Make Me Your Mentor, fill in the application form below and let’s book in your first meet up or call. Investment is £125 per hour.


You can have an hour or more at any time, mentoring is flexible. 


My mentoring can be done face to face at the at the Colony Group, a fantastic contemporary space set in beautiful surrounds, just outside Wilmslow, Cheshire (take a look at for more). The venue is located not far from Manchester Airport, so is easily accessible by plane, car and train. 


Alternatively, we can speak via a Zoom call whenever, wherever you are in the world – you are just a call away from connecting with me. 

In my personal life, I pride myself on being a good friend, who is always a good listener; and I use this to complement my mentoring service.


I am here to listen, give support, guide, encourage and motivate. I have been in your shoes, I know what it feels like to need that all important role model, to guide you with the day to day struggles we all come up against when running a business.

If your reading this and thinking i need more, i want to take action and get results with on going in depth support and your ready to go to the next level then coaching is for you


Mentoring is very much a hands off service.


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