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Updated: Nov 28, 2018

So how exciting is this… my very first All The Pretty blog post. I just had to kick things off with a post dedicated to what inspires me, a little more about me and how I got to this new chapter in my life.

Throughout my career I have lost count of the amount of times I was asked what inspires me. I feel now in this new chapter of my career I am feeling more inspired than ever. Why you ask? I have asked myself this allot over the last 12 months and I think it’s down to a few reasons. One and most importantly becoming a Mummy to Harry and now seeing the world through his eyes not only puts a whole new perspective on life but it has given me new inspiration to create the life I want not only for me but for my family also. Having your own business and brand is a huge achievement but growing a tiny human, giving birth to them (still trying to block that out!) and then actually raising them is at times harder than any day job and I know all you Mummy readers will agree.

I turned 40 last year and although this was not a milestone I was looking forward to with it came and went and left me feeling uplifted, motivated and inspired something I was not expecting. With age comes clarity, and a sense of freedom knowing that you can do anything, be anything you want to be and anything is possible.

Surrounding myself with like-minded, successful and positive people is key to me keeping inspired. I love to see people succeed and be a cheerleader; to see fellow creatives and business owners who create brands and businesses and see them grow inspires me to want to do the same and makes me feel proud to be know such strong, independent and wonderful people.

Keeping my timeline positive is key too. Like many I can loose hours to the scroll on Instagram. A sucker for an inspirational quote but just that little square of positivity can do so much.

When it comes to the pretty my first love is fashion. BH (before Harry) I am not ashamed to say I spent far too much on designer clothes, shoes and bags. My take on it was if I don’t have children and I work hard them why not have what you want? Now days my priorities have changed a little and I think twice before a big splurge on a new Mulberry bag or a Temperley dress. I have got a new found love for hunting out a bargain and loving the high street. Now do not get me wrong my love for those beautiful designer brands is still as strong as ever and let’s not pretend I am not ever going to having a ‘I want it and I am having it’ moment in the Selfridges bag department because I think we all know I will!

Keeping up to date with all the high fashion lines and designers and seeing it filter down into the high street is still and will always be exciting. Mixing high end with a bargain and knowing how to style a bargain to look stylish, high end and fashion forward is something I love.

When I am feeling the pressure and the creativity is just not flowing I like to take some time out. Get back to nature with a walk in the park or a run out to the beach. Nothing beats beautiful fresh air, sunshine and some alone time. If I am feeling extra stressful and I can get the time out I love to indulge in a spa day, massages, facials and afternoon tea in your robe, yes please!

To keep me moving forward and my inspiration flowing I have two key things. One is my ideas journal, anything and everything that I think of gets put down in my book. A doodle to a full sketch, a word to paragraph, whatever the thought I write it down and each week I put it all together and it usually starts to make sense and a new idea/direction is happening. That in itself is so inspiring.

Finally getting out of that comfort zone. It is SO easy to get stuck in a rut and it can be scary to try something new and push ourselves. When I sold my bridal brand and became a Mummy for the first time in my life ever (like forever ever) I took 5 minutes to literally catch my breath and stop and really just stay still after living at a million miles an hour. Part of me really loved this time, I look back fondly at those few months when you live in that baby bubble and it’s almost as if the world stands still and the biggest decisions in life are what cake your having at your daily meet up with the NCT Mums. It was such a novelty just being me not Charlotte Balbier the designer, I was just a Mummy who ate cake went to baby sensory. Fast forward a few months and the inner creative and business woman was hatching plans to start something new and although Harry is still my main priority and I will always continue to spend the majority of my time with him I took the scary step out of the warm and fuzzy comfort zone I was in and have thrown myself into something new. Am I sacred? Maybe a little… am I excited? Hell yes! You see one thing I know is this working Mummy has the best yet to come…

All my love CB xxx

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