All the Pretty


Ambitious startup brand with big dreams? Or well established but looking to evolve your brand? Big team? Or doing it solo?


Whatever your business looks like, no matter how big or small sometimes you need an external source of support who can target your challenges and focus on your future.

Hello, I’m Charlotte Balbier and welcome to ‘All The Pretty’ the brand that I created to share my extensive knowledge and experience from the last 20 years.


Prior to now being a Business Coach and a Brand Consultant I founded and built the brand Charlotte Balbier Bridal. 


It was a huge name in the wedding industry, famous for its strong brand identity and how it made people feel.


Want to know how I built my former business into a 7 figure brand? Aside from working hard, setting goals and being extremely determined; it was the strong brand identity and experience I created, evolved and consistently delivered on, year on year. It was not just a business; it was a brand.


Every single touch point, I always made on point with my brand. It’s what set me apart from my competitors. I worked incredibly hard on building the brand identity and experience over the years. 


Alongside this I was Creative Director of several other brands within the portfolio. I’m passionate about the power of branding and the brand experience as well as all aspects of what makes a business succeed. 



Build your brand and your business will prosper


Are you selling a product in your business but finding it hard to close the sale?

Over the last 20 years the most common thing I have been asked, or I have trained clients on, is

how to close a sale and what you need to do as

the process to get that all important close.


More than ever, having a strong brand identity has never been more important. We live in a visual, fast-paced digital world and brand power is a key part of making your business a success.


No matter what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or service it doesn’t matter how good they are - if the branding and your customer experience is not on point you will not reach your potential - this I can promise you!

  • Are you feeling confused, frustrated and questioning why you’re not hitting your targets and sales are not better?

  • Your product is good, but you’re just not attracting the right clients?

  • When was the last time you looked at your branding and your business and what you are offering from not only a brand journey perspective but a customer journey? Like really looked at it, and invested in it?

  • Have you recently invested time and thought into what your brand and business is, and what it stands for, and how you can improve on what you are doing?

 To be a success you need  all the right ingredients to  make  you stand out from  the  crowd and create your  USP (Unique Selling  Point).

Along with the brand image and message you need all the other important factors in place. PR, Marketing, customer experience, how to sell your product or service and aftercare are all so important to ongoing success and evolving.


Caroline Macintosh

Global Digital Marketing

Charlotte has brand essence running through her veins.


Her combination of creative vision and attention to detail is clear in any of her portfolio work from bridal to home, small business to large corporate, everyday wear to red carpet celebrity.


And alongside that, a set of entrepreneurial commercial skills which allow her to have an understanding of how that brand work contributes to the bottom line.


Become a brand and

you are in business


By setting the tone and your identity your customers know what to expect. You attract the type of dream clients you’ve always wanted. You create consistency. Your customers value you, trust you and believe in you so they want to buy from you.


Every touch point, from face to face to online, has to be consistent and deliver the perfect brand message and experience. From photo shoots that capture the perfect images to represent what you are selling to your complete brand pack, all social media platforms and down to all the small little details that always make the biggest impression - all of these need to be in place and implemented in order to be successful.



I work with brands and creative businesses who need help putting the practical into the pretty, who need help working out how to increase turnover and profit their business. 

Its time to dig deep into what your brand beliefs are and how you can be bigger, better and more beautiful than all your competitors so that you can attract more clients, evolve, increase turnover and profit and be THE brand that everyone wants and everyone’s talking about.

With over 20-years of experience, knowledge and a proven history of success to my name, I will share the benefit of my experience with you, having built my former brands from the ground up, to a multi-million-pound turnover, with a high profile - and sold it all before I was 40.

I love working with creative business owners to help them reach their potential, share my knowledge and get results.



I know how to make a brand pretty - but more importantly, I know how to make it profitable!




All The Pretty brand consultancy days start at £1,497. I can be booked from just one day to several. Let’s book in a discovery call to find out how I can bring All the Pretty to your brand.

I can work with you on  

  • Your brand identity and message

  • Beautiful and directional photography with styling and creative direction by All The Pretty

  • A brand strategy to support your business

  • Your customer journey and touch points

  • Train your team to be brand partners

  • Train your customers to be brand partners

  • How to position your brand and keep it evolving

  • How to increase sales/close sales

  • Creative direction on products and services. I have 20 years experience creating products that are both beautiful, but more importantly commercial, to guarantee sales. I also know what it is the create the perfect customer experience.


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